* Mural Pricing is usually quoted based on square footage and degree of difficulty. Price per square foot of area painted ranges between about $15 and $25 for commercial projects, often somewhat less for residential.  An additional 50% is added for murals painted on the ceiling.                                     
* Character Pricing is usually based on the height of the character and the degree of difficulty. On average, a character costs $50 per foot in height.

* Signage is priced similiar to murals, depends on square footage and degree of difficulty. 

* Furniture painting is based on the size and shape of the furniture and the degree of difficulty of the work.

* Borders are usually based on length, width and degree of difficulty.
My pricing compares favorably with "industry standards" of $15 to $35 per sq. foot or more.  CLICK HERE for an International Pricing Chart.  (Remember to multiply everything by 80% for U.S. dollar amounts.)
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